Our Team

Marcin Atamańczuk – Founder

Marcin gained experience while working for many years in the media analysis department of a media company. He then decided to create his own company and develop his passion for digital advertising technologies. Over the years he has helped dozens of companies promote their business. Nowadays, he is responsible for the creation, development and implementation of new marketing strategies for businesses and non-governmental organisations.

Roman Rozenberger – Board Member

While studying Physics at Poznań University, Roman participated in the 2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge. His team came in the World Top 15. Nowadays, he is our main specialist in both AdWords management and African djembe music. Go ahead and check out his personal blog about Search Engine Marketing!

Other members

  • Anna Atamańczuk – Executive Director
  • Małgorzata Wróblewska – Board Advisor
  • Darek Korzeniak – Board Advisor
  • Tadeusz Atamańczuk – Board Advisor
  • Piotr Półtorak – Board Advisor