We develop Poland on the Internet

Who can benefit from our foundation?

Entrepreneurs and professionals

The rapid development of the Internet has increased the competitiveness of all markets. Nowadays, the greatest challenge to any business is to ‘fight’ for customers’ attention. This can be said for any kind of organisation. For this reason, with the help of the ePolak Foundation, you will be able to detect the opportunities and threats of the Internet.


Innovation is the basis for economic development. In ePolak we support fresh young companies by showing them how to make the most of the possibilities on the Internet in order to reach national and international audiences.

Non-Governmental Organisations

Thanks to the Internet, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have more chances to reach a wider audience and to achieve their goals. With our help, the whole world will know about you and what you are doing for others.

University students

The Polish economy will need a huge number of Internet specialists in the near future due to its constant growth. Unfortunately, Polish universities are not able to keep pace with this growing market. For this reason, the ePolak Foundation provides training services to those university students who want to know more about Internet technologies and how to apply them within the Polish economy.

ePolak Foundation Projects

Google AdWords for NGOs – Google Ad Grants

The Google Ad Grants program is an excellent opportunity for you to promote your social activity all over the world. Discover how our foundation can help your organisation get access to Google’s Ad Grants program.

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