Google AdWords for Business

Do you need short-term results because your offers change dynamically? Would you like to expand your business beyond the local market? Google AdWords is the ideal solution to bring more traffic to your website.

Google AdWords is a very powerful advertising tool which helps you to reach your customers more effectively, to know their needs and preferences, and to increase your sales.

Is this Google AdWords campaign for me?

Of course! If you have a wide range of products and would like to acquire new customers outside the local market, this is the perfect solution for you.

Google AdWords services for Business

Google AdWords is the ideal solution for any type of website. Thanks to the many possibilities of this advertising system, we can promote your business by using text or image ads that present your products directly into the Search network results.

Moreover, you can also advertise your company in the Display network, which includes millions of websites all over the Internet.
You can also increase the user’s interest in your company by advertising your services or products in Gmail or YouTube.

Would you like to know more about our Google AdWords services? Below you will find a short description of each one.

Reklama Google AdWords

Google AdWords ads for Business

Reklama w sieci wyszukiwania AdWords

Google Search Network

Google Search Network is an advertising network that receives millions of visits per day, allowing you to find thousands of potential customers for your business. It displays text ads in response to a user’s query, which are commonly known as ‘sponsored links‘.

This network also covers all the Google Partners that use its search engine on their sites.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network is an advertising network that displays graphical ads. The ads are displayed in thematically related websites that the system automatically matches with them.

Advertising on sites related to your business activity will significantly increase your sales and the user’s interest in your products or services.

Sieć reklamowa Google AdWords
Reklama na YouTube - AdWords

YouTube Campaign

Video campaigns in YouTube and other sites that display videos from YouTube are an excellent advertising tool that will definitely increase the visibility of your online store.

YouTube is the second largest search engine (right after Google), so your ads will reach a huge group of people eager to watch audiovisual content. It is your chance to gain popularity and lots of potential buyers!

Gmail Campaign

Gmail Sponsored Promotions is a direct mailing campaign that advertises your business into the Gmail user’s inbox. It is a customised campaign designed to target only a specific audience, in order to reach only people potentially interested in your offer.

This campaign will help you to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase your customer’s interest and loyalty
  • Generate immediate direct sales
  • Use the ‘click-to-expand‘ system and take advantage of all the available space to advertise your products or services
Reklama Gmail - AdWords

Advertise with Google AdWords

AdWords for Business

Would you like to grow faster and increase your number of customers? Are you looking for short-term results without signing a long-term contract? Try advertising in Google with us!

AdWords for e-Commerce

Selling online has never been so easy and effective! Thanks to Google AdWords you will be able to display your product’s site or your promotional videos and pictures. Get ready to show your products to the entire world!

International Adwords

Would you like to sell abroad? Google AdWords allows you to advertise your products all over the world. Expand your business by going deep into new markets immediately!

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